Jury staff
Claudio Gustavo Capaccioni (Argentina, Latin America) Jury staff 2013

Claudio Gustavo Capaccioni is a sociologist with previous studies in computers and electronics. His interests have followed the study of globalization, society, culture, art, multiculturalism, ideologies, institutions, and so on, based on a strong analysis on history, economy, politics, philosophy, psychology, art history, cognitive sciences, critical thinking, formal-informal logic and mathematics.



I am really glad to be part of the organization, and to participate as jury-moderator-lecturer together with other juries and lecturers, who will come from different countries to Lithuania. I hope, we (all) will do the best, acting with responsibility, critic view and comradeship.

Finally, we have not to forget that: Art and artists should be in a great part, the hope for a better world and a radical transformation; a world where should be possible to dream (in the whole sense: all and not a few), to cooperate, and to rise up the solidarity, instead of accepting the pattern of consume, market, and inequalities so accepted, where the disparities are seen as ‘natural’ consequences of the less talented (or less lucky), and where Art has been commodified, and in this way brought itself to be part of the ‘consumer objects’.

At the same time, Artists have been ‘pushed’ by the same current, being de-categorized and devalued, and thus, subsumed to the law of markets, politically and ideologically driven. So, where is going Art? What is to be an artist in a contemporary world where the complexity and the tendency to the ‘absence of thought’ is installed? What is the roll of the artist in society and what is her/his scope and responsibility within culture? And so on…

Our world is in a deep crisis, not just an economic crisis, but a crisis in the full sense of the word. XXI century should be the start-point to ask ourselves: where are we going? In this way, Art may be capable of being an alternative (among others) to the dominant stream (a capitalism that has been hit in its own bases by itself, and maybe, without return), bringing the world to a profound transformation, where may be possible to see the importance of the human being, but also, the environment (the nature), not as an object, but as a part of us, with the due respect for our ‘mother earth’. So in this way, participating and being part of life, and history, from the daily life to the more complex one, we may be able to transform or at least to create a sufficient resistance for a better world.   

Artist, thinkers, intellectuals, scholars, and above all, people around the world are welcome. The world of tomorrow may be quite difficult, if we do not think and act now. It is time for doing so!

Greetings to all of you, and newly: Welcome to Anima Mundi, 2013, Lithuania.